North Star Communications Inc. is located at 162 José Rodríguez Irizarry Street, ARECIBO, PR, 00612 North Star offers services in Communications, Advertising, Production, Television and IPTV through North Star Communications Website, Capitanes TV for Sports, repeat programming through Channel 37 on Liberty Cable and Social Media. We specialize in Sports, and Tourism. Our Programing include Community Programs, News, Public Relations Programming, Special Events and Family Programs.

Live Streaming and live TV during Sports Season. Services encompass all traditional media, services such as; Billboards, Press, Radio, Broadcast Television, Social Media including IPTV, (Internet Protocol Television), Live Streaming Services and Video on demand.

Other services that North Star Communications offer include Campaign Strategy, combining all logistics and creative services for all traditional and digital media while focussing on the general market. Services also include statistical analysis, follow-up with the marketing staff of each of our sponsor, while committing to work closely with our sponsors to ensure concrete results and retention of their market and event viewers. Our commitment to the customer is to raise awareness of the importance of its corporate brand within the market that serves, the enhancement of quality of services and customer retention. “More than a sale, we believe in the creation of a New Customer Experience for each of our sponsor and their clients. We encourage you to join our legacy and vision: “CREATING AND MAINTAINING A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE FOR THE CUSTOMER THAT INTERACTS WITH YOUR BRAND, SERVICES AND PRODUCTS”